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Build a Paladin - combat guide

How To Build a Paladin – A Combat Guide

Dungeons and Dragons are taking the world to the top of the gaming experience. While the famous role-playing game has been around from the mid of 70s. Where DnD just recently experienced another big resurgence, and now hoards of the new players are banding together to learn how to play this unique game.

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, there is no other wrong way to play. Where few players enjoy the role-playing aspect of the D&D, while other players were more interested in raiding dungeons and fighting the bizarre creatures. This guide is for those who gravitate towards the combat of DND.

Build a Paladin

Paladin is the greatest soldier of faith. In the end, the paladin’s ability is to drive fear into the heart of their enemy or something worth your divine faith. They have a unique class, that can reach a quite impressive damage output.

Beyond that, a paladin is enough to sustain itself in the combat. They have an ability to protect their allies through a bevy of great spells, that really makes them separate from others.

Paladin build is going to be focused on the damage output, and in-combat spell utility. When it comes to the feats, all are dedicated to improving damage output and pressure against enemies engaged in melee with you.

Paladin Spells – Hit Points:

  • Hit Dice at 1d10 per level.
  • Hit Points at 1st level with 10 + Con mod.
  • Hit Points at Higher Levels of 1d10 + Con mod per level above 1st.

Final Words:

The above paladin guide shows you how to build a paladin and their hit point ratio. The paladin spells are united by their oaths and it stands against the force of evil. They have a variety of master weapons and armor. By casting the spells of the paladin, you can empower yourself with the legends.


Best Mobdro Alternatives for iOS to Stream Movies for Free

Mobdro is one of the most popular and great for live TV streaming, but most users are looking for some other alternatives. In this article, we are going to share some Mobdro alternatives for free live TV streaming.

When we say streaming, it is not just about movies and TV shows, but also about life events such as sports, news and everything else that is available on live TV. If you are new to this and interested in free live TV streaming, life can be difficult if you don’t know the right app or where to find them.

Many users start with Mobdro because of its popularity, easy installation and free and premium version. But the main reason why people prefer Mobdro is that it can stream many live TV channels, including live sports. Although it is an Android app, you can still install Mobdro on Apple devices, Windows, Mac PCs, Smart TV and much more.

If you’ve tried Mobdro and are looking for some other Mobdro alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best picks of applications, like Mobdro. These applications are compatible with live TV streaming and are as independent as Mobdro.

List of Best Mobdro Alternatives

Be aware that streaming content on the Internet these days is very dangerous. For example, streaming copyrighted content is illegal, which is a criminal offense. Your privacy and security can be at risk and ISPs can break your bandwidth, causing buffer errors. Most importantly, it can block live streams due to Geo-restrictions. Here the list of applications that are the best Mobdro alternatives.

Live NetTV

As its name suggests, this app offers free live TV streams. It has over 800 live TV channels in the following 9 categories – Sports, entertainment, news, cinema, documentary, cooking, music, cartoons, and Religious. The service provides content from the UK, Pakistan, India, Arab countries, Turkey and other international countries.

If you don’t find your favorite channel, Live Net TV offers an option in which you can request for it. You can also report a channel if it is not working. There is a live event planner on the Live Net TV service, where you will receive information about upcoming TV shows.

You can also report a channel if it is not working. There is a live event planner on the Live Net TV service, where you will receive information about upcoming TV shows.

To obtain the Live Net TV service, you must download the Live NetView application available on the Android platform. It can also be installed via the emulator on other devices. The app is simple and easy to use, and the channels are also offered in high quality.


UKTVnow, a great live TV streaming app that has been very popular from the start. It provides more than 150 channels. You can browse the channel through content categories or based on countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, India. Sections include; Entertainment, sports, news, theater, movies and more.

The application is user-friendly with an excellent user interface. The application will be. But there is nothing to worry about because you can install it on other platforms such as Windows with the software that follows the Android platform.

TV Catchup

Being a cable service, TV Catchup also provides an Internet TV that provides free live TV streamings. The channel list includes most of the UK channels like BBC, Channel 4 and 5, ITV, CGTV and much more. The content is organized under categories like Entertainment, Shopping, News, Music, News, kids, and Sports.

Since TV Catchup is a legal service, it is available in all devices that support browsers and the Internet. It also supports platforms, Android, iOS, and Amazon devices.


Kodi is a versatile entertainment and multimedia software available for all platforms and is one of the best Mobodro alternatives. The software itself doesn’t offer much, but when paired with add-ons, it is one of the best streaming options you must try on.

Most Kodi add-ons allow cord-cutters to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, and almost anything over the Internet, including live TV streaming. And as long as you have the right add-on, everything is free. Installing a Kodi adder is probably a busy process, but there are guides to help you with this process.

Free Kodi TV live add-ons include: cCloud TV, UK Turks Playlist, Achilles TV, Selfless Lite, USTVNow, and more.


We have suggested you with the best Mobdro Alternatives. Each alternative we mentioned above is unique in their own way. If you have any better suggestion, feel free to share with us.

How to find electric type pokemon easily

The aim of this game Pokemon GO is to catch all of them. In Pokemon Go is updated from the Game Boy and Nintendo DS versions of the game. That’s mainly because you have to move around the real world and catch the pokemon that appears in different areas of the world.

Electric is the thirteenth type Pokemon among the other 18 types. It uses their electricity as their attack and their attacks can even cripple and paralyze their opponents easily.

With the help of an electric type weakness chart, you can find your weakness and win the battle or raid easily. They have a different habitat like Forests, meadows, cities, and power plants. And some of the pokemon are remembered artificial artifacts used by the humans that can be linked to the electricity.

How to catch Ice Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Electric-type Pokemon like Pikachu can be found in only a few areas like industrial parks, schools, and colleges, and few other dry places that are largely concreted over. There are nearly 151 original Pokemon that features in Pokemon Go, which includes Pikachu, Raichu, Magnemite, Magneton, Voltron, Electrode, Jolteon, and Legendary Zapdos.

Now there are 8 new electric-type Pokemon were added in Generation 2 update, and they are:

  • Chinchou
  • Lanturn
  • Pichu
  • Mareep
  • Flaffy
  • Ampharos
  • Elekid
  • Raikou


I hope this guide might have helped you to catch the Electric-type Pokemon easily without moving around the city. Share your experience and your favorite Pokemon with us in the comment section, if you are one of the Pokemon master.

How to change NAT type on PlayStation 4 with port forwarding

NAT is a big part of connectivity for online multiplier games, deciding how incoming traffic is handled. For gamers, NAR plays a huge role in who you can play with, establishing barriers if it’s not set upright. There are bunches of the reason you may have a strict or even double NAT showing on your network, but with the help of port forwarding, you can easily overcome the hurdles.

So today we will show you how to change nat type on PS4 with port forwarding.

It is not the only method, for many folks just ensuring UPnP enabled on their router will be enough. Check this article, to know more about changing the NAT type on PS4 with router.

How to port forward your PlayStation 4

The ports you need to open up for your PlayStation to get an open NAT are the same, but the actual process may differ from router to router. You may need to dig around your router’s settings to find what you need. s

  1. Open Settings on your PlayStation 4.
  2. Scroll down and select Network.
  3. Select View Connection Status.
  4. Log in to your router’s control settings( if you haven’t done it before, as many might have the information on a sticker).
  5. Locate the Port forwarding rules for your router and using Google WiFi as an example, you find this also under Advanced networking.
  6. Open up the following ports in both directions TCP & UDP.
    • 80
    • 443
    • 3478
    • 3479
    • 3480
  7. UDP 3478, 3479
  8. Once again check your PS4 NAT type and now it should show NAT type 2.
  9. Each game may need an individual PS4 port to be forwarded and we will make a list of those port in the future.

Now give everything a reboot to make sure it’s all kick-started properly and you should see an improvement in your NAT type.


I hope you have successfully changed NAT type on PS4. If you have any problems or queries on changing NAT type PS4, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Best Selling Steam Iron Box of 2019

Steam iron is one such type of technological wonders that enables the user to iron their dress fast and smooth. The end-result, far better and efficient than a standard iron can deliver.

Steam irons are those irons that demand to be filled in with water and in turn, steam is delivered while ironing. Here is the list of best iron box available on the market right now.

If you are looking for dry iron boxes then you can consider checking out the iron boxes listed here.

Top 5 best Iron Box:

1. Philips GC 1440-Watt Non-stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Philips is one of the leading manufactures of a steam iron in India. This steam iron from Philips works on 1440-watts power and comes with fine spray feature that could evenly spray the water over the fabric.

Top features of this product are that the soleplate on this product comes with Golden American heritage coating for enhanced efficiency and easy gliding. Excellent spray mist feature and 2-year product warranty.

2. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

This steam comes from the brand Philips and comes incorporated with several attractive features. The iron box comes with spray mist feature that sprays the water evenly over the dress for enhanced ironing efficiency.

The water can be filled easily without making a mess and the manufacturer has incorporated variable steam and temperature features into this steam iron. It is lightweight and easy to fill the water tank.

3. ORPAT- Best Lightweight Iron Box

Orpat Dry Iron is designed very lightweight. The soleplate is German grade non-stick coated. The body has a cool touch and has a very comfortable grip. It has a shockproof body which also has a thermostat for controlling the varying temperature.

It has a cord winder facility and the power consumption of this iron is 1200 watts. There is a power indicator which indicates that the box has reached its required temperature and ready to use.

4. Morphy Richards- Best Iron Box

It is a dry iron which has an elegant floral design which makes it suitable for any kind of interiors. The design makes it attractive and eye-catchy. This make a non-stick and smooth to assure that the fabric does not stick to clothes.

The iron has a neon indicator which glows when the iron is heating. The plastic body makes it lightweight and suitable for the interiors of the house.

5. Havells Sparkle 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Havells has a reputation for manufacturing and marketing best steam iron box. It is used for both the steam and dry ironing. The device comes incorporated with 230ml water tank and a non-stick soleplate that enables the user to efficiently iron any clothes.

It consumes low power wit 230 ml water tank reservoir. Also comes with overheating protection and has a soft grip handles for enhanced stability.


The list of the product mentioned above, and get yourselves the best steam irons on the market today.

Rare pokemon

How to find rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO:

Pokemon Go is a smartphone application that combines gaming with the real world. The game uses the location for tracking and mapping to create “augmented reality”. Where players catch and train their Pokemon characters in reallocation.

In this article, we look at how to find rare type pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How to play the game?

          The users walk around the real world, pokemon characters appear on the game map. When the come across within a close range, the pokemon starts to appear on the screen. The players throw their Poke balls at them to capture. The main objective of the game is to collect as many different characters as listed in the Pokedex. The map is shown in an anime style version of Google maps, which replaces the real street name.

            Another feature of the game is, Poke stops where the players can usually collect poke balls (used to catch Pokémon’s). Players can also find Pokemon eggs that hatch into Pokemon and add them to their Pokedex.

Cost of the game?

The game is completely free to download, however, there is some in-game currency called Poke Coins, these can be used to buy Poke balls. Parents can restrict app purchases on their own smartphone and their child’s smartphone. This can normally be done by going to the settings of your phone.

How to find Legendary Pokemon?

Legendary pokemon are the rarest of the rare, and they are also the hardest to get your hands on. The only way to catch one is to participate in the raid event, which involves a bunch of players all teaming up to defeat the legendary Pokemon. If you win the raid, each player gets a chance to catch a super rare Pokemon of their own.

Using legendary pokemon QR codes, you can get the location of those respective pokemons(with high CP) in your Pokedex.

The way to find a raid is to load up Pokemon Go and look for a gym that has an egg on the raid. The egg indicates that a legendary Pokemon has taken up residence in the gym, and you will be able to fight it if you head over. If you regularly visit the gyms, you will have a high-level gym badge.

Tips for finding rare Pokemon of a specific type:

            Pokemon are distributed randomly throughout the world, but specific types are found more commonly in some locations than others. Weather can also affect the type of Pokemon that you will run into. Also, you can use the pokemon QR codes, to find every specific type of pokemon easily. Scanning the QR codes will store the location of the pokemon in your Pokedex and you can go the location, catch them easily.


In this article, we have said how to find rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go. If you have any queries or doubts in this article, feel free to mention them in the comment section.

Best Kodi add-ons for Xbox to stream movies and TV shows

In this article we have listed the best working Kodi add-ons, as a result, we found 100+ add-ons for almost everything entertains you. The good news is that there are hundreds of high-quality add-ons for Kodi. So we made it easier for you by selecting only the very best add-ons that are available at the moment and working without any confusions.

Before that, we first need Kodi on Xbox to install these addons. So here is a direct method to install Kodi on Xbox.

Best Kodi add-ons:

  • Exodus (Version 8)
  • The Magic Dragon
  • Yoda
  • Monster Munch
  • Maverick TV

1. Exodus (Version 8)

Exodus is one of the older add-ons available for Kodi and it is not that well supported anymore. It has an expansive library of movies and TV shows that you can stream on Kodi. It has plenty of content and it works wonderfully well on Xbox One right now.

2. The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is a powerful all-in-one addon providing various types of content. This brings a whole range of content that begins with movies. Aside from movies, you can find TV shows, sports, cartoons, and radio stations.

3. Yoda

Yoda is another addon that uses the same code as Exodus. The fact that you can find some unique categories here, which make Yoda stand out from the rest. It offers movies and TV shows, with plenty of sub-categories to choose from. The home screen of Yoda also gives you quick access to documentaries and there’s an option to watch TV shows based on their home network.

4. Monster Munch

Monster Munch is a unique add-on that combines vastly different types of content. It brings movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, live TV channels, and even radio stations from across the world. Plenty of content is found here.

5. Maverick TV

It has been on the most active repositories for a long time now. The all-new maverick TV is better than ever and it’s one of the hottest add-ons at the moment. You can find movies, TV shows, IPTV, live streams, sports and much more in between.


We hope that you have found our list of the best Kodi addons for Xbox to be helpful. You can feel free to use the comment section to tell us your favorites. If you have other suggestions, make sure to drop us a comment section below.


Best Discord Bots to Enhance your Discord Servers

Nowadays, technology improves quickly and very little is performed manually. In this Internet age, you can find different servers for various purposes. All these servers have different users, so it is quite difficult to manage everything easily and manually. Thus, most server owners look for the best Discord Bots, which are always useful for performing various tasks that improve server performance and help users a lot.

These robots not only help users but also help many server owners. This is the main reason why you can find extensive use of real Discord robots on different servers. Discord robots are always useful for the user. With the help of these robots, you can easily moderate your server, perform many tedious tasks and facilitate interaction between your users.

List of Best Discord Bots

10. Aethex

Aethex is one of the best Discord robots very useful for users. You can get the wide range of commands and functions with this Discordia. If you are one of those who prefer to keep it simple and have only one bot for your server, Aethex is always the best option for you and can do everything you need for your server.

Aethex has an extensive list of features. All features are divided into several categories, such as game integration, social controls, utility controls, and entertainment and moderation tools. Using the Aethex moderation tool, the server owner can easily disable, block, or evict users from the server. The utility command of this bot always helps players like messages, user search and many other things.

With the entertainment feature, the Aethex bot can be used to search for images; Throw coins, roll dice and more. The game integration feature is still useful for online gamers because they can easily connect to Steam and easily participate in games with their friends. With Aethex, you’ll also get music control that allows the server owner to align source audio files, YouTube videos, and sound clouds. The social system of this discord robot always helps the user to create a reputation, levels and assistance for server participation.

9. TypicalBot

TypicalBot is another first-class robot for Discord, with many useful and moderating features. It works same like Aethex and can easily handle most server moderation tasks efficiently. The configuration of this bot is very simple and you can easily use different moderators together.

You can access different moderation tools in TypicalBot, such as union messages, moderation and queue records, nickname records, ban / output / join / unban records, file queues. waiting, etc. The server owner can also easily send ban, alerts and quick attacks to the user associated with the server.

You can also get a random user selection feature, very useful for prizes and gifts. This bot also includes many entertainment features like dice roll, magic balloon, dating command and much more.


Rh1-No is not the ideal discord of the self-moderation bot that automatically eliminates the hard work of moderation. Using Rh1-No, the server owner can easily configure the moderation tool in minutes by adding the bot and communicating with it through the messages.

This discord the robot can easily handle various activities, such as chat control, word filtering and other essential moderation tools, such as warnings to users, ban, football. If you moderate your Discord server, Rh1 is not always the best Discord robot for you.

7. Serum

Serum is an excellent Discord bot, which allows the user to access multiple voice commands. It is always an excellent feature. With this help, bot users can enter commands easily using their own voice.

In general, with other robots, a player must minimize the game if he wants to insert a command in the chat box, but in the case of the Serum Discord bot, he will automatically hear the user’s command when he mentions it. Hey, serum! This is always useful based on the user’s point of view.

6. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons is very different from other robots, but again, it’s one of the best robots of contention. It’s a special type of Discord robot that can add countless hours of fun to your Discord server. It also provides permission for the owner and users to play RPG dungeon games in the Discord app.

If you have Disc Dungeons installed on your Discord server, users can play through the desktop client, the discord site, and the mobile app as soon as they connect to your server. Players may also have the opportunity to buy, trade and fight players connected to their servers with other players.

5. CouchBot:

Couchbot is always useful for a streamer. This special discord robot always alerts people who are connected to your server when it is active on YouTube, Beam, Twitch and other streaming places. With the help of this bot, you can also send messages when new downloads are made to your YouTube channel.

In general, the owner can get complete control over this special Couchbot. This bot also helps you get your viewers involved with Strawpoll commands. This is an all-time favorite bot for the live broadcast application such as Contraction or the same type of other platforms.

4. StahpDozAds

If you use a public Discord server, StahpDozAds will always be very useful for you. With the help of StahpDozAds, you can easily block certain links, such as automatically prohibiting users, automatic disagreements, those who constantly post incriminating articles.

The server owner who installed StahpDozAds can configure whitelisted connections so that if a user tries to post shocking videos on YouTube, he can quickly remove that content. This incongruity of bots can also block invitation links. This is a special type of Disc Discord created for server owners with multiple users.

3. Tatsumaki:

Tatsumaki is one of the best discordant robots very useful for improving user participation to the owner’s server. This bot always encourages users to access the owner’s server and interact with other users. You can obtain the member rating system, server classification tables, global user profiles, chat management, customizable profiles, and other detailed systems in the Tatsumaki user participation features.

It also includes Google search, Reddit threads, RSS feeds, dice rolls, 8 bullets on any platform known as YouTube. This discord robot is very easy to use and has an exceptional interface.

2. DueUtil

DueUtil is another useful bot for Discord, which implements several fun features of user participation. With the help of DueUtil, online players can easily use commands to create weapons and for any mission. This also gives players the opportunity to customize the profile.

Moreover, the most surprising thing about DueUtil is that a player can only get points and rewards by being active in DueUtil. Later, you can use these reward points to fight with other players or to play.


YAGPDB is another very useful versatile Discord robot that is very useful for server owners. You can get all the tools you need to easily and effortlessly manage and moderate large conflict servers.

This bot is very different from other robots because it can take advantage of this type of bot, the configuration panel accessible. Using this control panel, you can easily access information quickly and even check server status, configure automatic moderation, and manage moderation queues.

So, here is the list of Best Bots for Discord. These are Bots come handy when you want to maintain and develop a proper server. Hope this helps for all gamers out there


How to Download and Setup Xcode for Windows

Nowadays, every operating system has its own application development programs. Like How we used Windows applications in Linux and vice versa. But when we are talking about Mac OS, it is not easy to use Mac applications in Windows or Linux like any other. Mac uses an SDK called Xcode to develop its applications by itself. After seeing it, some Windows users started to long for it, ignoring the fact that Xcode cannot be used in Windows.

Xcode is available for Mac and iOS platforms and not for any other OS. The reason is due to a number of compatibility issues. But there is a fix for this. With the aid of technology, anything is possible.

What is Xcode?

Xcode is an IDE that contains a number of software development tools designed by Apple. These tools are available specifically for software development on Mac OS X, iOS and Apple TV. And this IDE is programmed in such a way that it cannot be installed in other operating systems.

As a developer, it has always been easy for me to develop applications for Linux and Windows compared to Mac OS. The reason is that you can develop Linux and Windows applications on any platform, while the development of applications on Mac requires a set of tools called XCode. If you are interested in installing Xcode for Windows PC (7, 8.1 and 10), here is a detailed way to install Xcode on Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1 and PC with Windows 10.

Therefore, we will provide you with a detailed guide to install Xcode on your Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 systems.

The procedure to run Xcode on other systems and develop applications for Apple is divided into two parts. The first is the installation of Mac OS on a virtual workstation in Windows or Linux. And the second is the installation of Xcode in a virtual Mac operating system.

Requirements to install Xcode on Windows 7/8/10:

•    A working max os X virtual machine on the virtual box

•    Downloaded Xcode package from Apple site for which you require an Apple ID in to download Xcode from Apple site.

•    Intel processor dual-core in the computer

•    A minimum Ram of 2Gb (but 4Gb is recommended)

•    Hardware virtualization should be available on the computer

Steps to install Xcode on Windows 108/8.1/7 :

 Here we use Virtual Box to install Vxcode on Windows. If you are not having a copy of virtual box on your computer, you can download it from the web It is free and open source.

Follow the steps below to install Xcode on Windows 10, 8, or 8.1, and on Windows 7 Laptop or Laptop for iOS SDK.

Step 1: Download and install VMware or VirtualBox on your Windows computer from here. Search for “VirtualBox 5.2.4 Platform Packages” and click on “Windows Host”.

Step 2: Download and install OSX Mavericks ISO as a virtual machine from here.

Step 3: Create the virtual machine in the Oracle virtual box. To do this, you must open Virtual Box and click on New.

Step 4: A new window will open asking for the name of the new operating system. Enter the OSX name, type the Mac OS X operating system, and also enter the Mac OS X (32-bit) version. Click next.

Step 5: Select the memory size for the virtual machine as 1024 MegaBytes (1 GB) and then click on Next.

Step 6: Now, Select it and create the type of virtual hard drive file.

Step 7: Select the Hardware type file as VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image). It is always suggested to go for VDI in terms of ISO image. Click on Next.

Step 8: Select physical hard drive as Dynamically allocated. Now, you have to allocate the file location and the size from the physical hard drive on to your device. Next, Click on Create.

Step 9: Now, you have created a virtual machine on your virtual box. Currently, it will be in “Powered Off” state.

Step 10: Next you need to mount the OSX Mavericks ISO that we have downloaded already. For that, Go on to Settings -> Storage -> Load iso File -> Click Ok -> Start.

Step 11: Next, follow on-screen steps of OSX boot and  OSX will be installed in Oracle Virtual.

Step 12: Go to the Safari browser in your Virtualbox.

Step 13: Open Apple App store and sign in using your Apple ID in the App store. You need to enter the Apple ID and password as shown below:

Step 14: After signing, type Xcode in the search box.  You can select any of the applications. Click on the Free and Download. Then, click OK so you can download the kit. After the installation process, open it from the applications.

Step 15:  To install Xcode components, you need to be a root user. So now, you need to give your root credential. Type your name and password and press OK.

Here’s how we successfully install the latest version of Xcode on Windows 10, 8 / 8.1 and 7 PC using the VMware Workstation desktop virtualization software. Start creating new projects and better applications using this interface.

Therefore, in this way, you can easily download and install Xcode for personal computers or laptops with Windows. The performance and speed of Xcode will not be very high.

I hope this tutorial will help you install Xcode on Windows 10, 8 / 8.1 and 7 on PC or laptop.

How to Create Collage on Android phone

A picture speaks a thousand words. We all know this. Pictures are the best way to capture beautiful moments with our family and friends. But sometimes a single photo is not enough to create a good memory. So here is where the need of combining the photos came to play.

We can combine multiple photos in a single photo. This is called collaging photos. You can do it on any android phone. There are many apps available that allow you to make such beautiful collages Many latest smartphones come with an in-built app that allows you to make collages without external applications. But if your phone doesn’t have any such applications you can download it from play store.

How to create a photo collage:

Step 1:
The first step in combining multiple photos is to download an application to create collages. There are several on the market for Android. Although many are free, there are also some applications that you must pay. They include Pic Collage, Picsart, Photo Grid, and Moldiv and you can find more alternatives in your app store.

Step 2:
After downloading a collage application, open it on your phone. Most apps offer different templates for your collage. Choose the design and number of photos for your masterpiece.

Step 3:
Choose photos for your collage. The application must access the camera roll in order to import photos to the app and collage. You can also take pictures from the app. Normally, you have to select the photo of each part of the collage, even if some applications allow you to choose all the photos at the same time.

Step 4:
Once your collage is created, you can add a frame or other effects to the application. Then press the Save button. He is now ready to be shared on social networks or with friends.

This is how you can create a photo collage with your android. It is that simple. These applications allow you to explore your creativity to new heights. You can add many more effects, adjust the lightings and shadows, retouch you face and beautify your face

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