Nowadays, technology improves quickly and very little is performed manually. In this Internet age, you can find different servers for various purposes. All these servers have different users, so it is quite difficult to manage everything easily and manually. Thus, most server owners look for the best Discord Bots, which are always useful for performing various tasks that improve server performance and help users a lot.

These robots not only help users but also help many server owners. This is the main reason why you can find extensive use of real Discord robots on different servers. Discord robots are always useful for the user. With the help of these robots, you can easily moderate your server, perform many tedious tasks and facilitate interaction between your users.

List of Best Discord Bots

10. Aethex

Aethex is one of the best Discord robots very useful for users. You can get the wide range of commands and functions with this Discordia. If you are one of those who prefer to keep it simple and have only one bot for your server, Aethex is always the best option for you and can do everything you need for your server.

Aethex has an extensive list of features. All features are divided into several categories, such as game integration, social controls, utility controls, and entertainment and moderation tools. Using the Aethex moderation tool, the server owner can easily disable, block, or evict users from the server. The utility command of this bot always helps players like messages, user search and many other things.

With the entertainment feature, the Aethex bot can be used to search for images; Throw coins, roll dice and more. The game integration feature is still useful for online gamers because they can easily connect to Steam and easily participate in games with their friends. With Aethex, you’ll also get music control that allows the server owner to align source audio files, YouTube videos, and sound clouds. The social system of this discord robot always helps the user to create a reputation, levels and assistance for server participation.

9. TypicalBot

TypicalBot is another first-class robot for Discord, with many useful and moderating features. It works same like Aethex and can easily handle most server moderation tasks efficiently. The configuration of this bot is very simple and you can easily use different moderators together.

You can access different moderation tools in TypicalBot, such as union messages, moderation and queue records, nickname records, ban / output / join / unban records, file queues. waiting, etc. The server owner can also easily send ban, alerts and quick attacks to the user associated with the server.

You can also get a random user selection feature, very useful for prizes and gifts. This bot also includes many entertainment features like dice roll, magic balloon, dating command and much more.


Rh1-No is not the ideal discord of the self-moderation bot that automatically eliminates the hard work of moderation. Using Rh1-No, the server owner can easily configure the moderation tool in minutes by adding the bot and communicating with it through the messages.

This discord the robot can easily handle various activities, such as chat control, word filtering and other essential moderation tools, such as warnings to users, ban, football. If you moderate your Discord server, Rh1 is not always the best Discord robot for you.

7. Serum

Serum is an excellent Discord bot, which allows the user to access multiple voice commands. It is always an excellent feature. With this help, bot users can enter commands easily using their own voice.

In general, with other robots, a player must minimize the game if he wants to insert a command in the chat box, but in the case of the Serum Discord bot, he will automatically hear the user’s command when he mentions it. Hey, serum! This is always useful based on the user’s point of view.

6. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons is very different from other robots, but again, it’s one of the best robots of contention. It’s a special type of Discord robot that can add countless hours of fun to your Discord server. It also provides permission for the owner and users to play RPG dungeon games in the Discord app.

If you have Disc Dungeons installed on your Discord server, users can play through the desktop client, the discord site, and the mobile app as soon as they connect to your server. Players may also have the opportunity to buy, trade and fight players connected to their servers with other players.

5. CouchBot:

Couchbot is always useful for a streamer. This special discord robot always alerts people who are connected to your server when it is active on YouTube, Beam, Twitch and other streaming places. With the help of this bot, you can also send messages when new downloads are made to your YouTube channel.

In general, the owner can get complete control over this special Couchbot. This bot also helps you get your viewers involved with Strawpoll commands. This is an all-time favorite bot for the live broadcast application such as Contraction or the same type of other platforms.

4. StahpDozAds

If you use a public Discord server, StahpDozAds will always be very useful for you. With the help of StahpDozAds, you can easily block certain links, such as automatically prohibiting users, automatic disagreements, those who constantly post incriminating articles.

The server owner who installed StahpDozAds can configure whitelisted connections so that if a user tries to post shocking videos on YouTube, he can quickly remove that content. This incongruity of bots can also block invitation links. This is a special type of Disc Discord created for server owners with multiple users.

3. Tatsumaki:

Tatsumaki is one of the best discordant robots very useful for improving user participation to the owner’s server. This bot always encourages users to access the owner’s server and interact with other users. You can obtain the member rating system, server classification tables, global user profiles, chat management, customizable profiles, and other detailed systems in the Tatsumaki user participation features.

It also includes Google search, Reddit threads, RSS feeds, dice rolls, 8 bullets on any platform known as YouTube. This discord robot is very easy to use and has an exceptional interface.

2. DueUtil

DueUtil is another useful bot for Discord, which implements several fun features of user participation. With the help of DueUtil, online players can easily use commands to create weapons and for any mission. This also gives players the opportunity to customize the profile.

Moreover, the most surprising thing about DueUtil is that a player can only get points and rewards by being active in DueUtil. Later, you can use these reward points to fight with other players or to play.


YAGPDB is another very useful versatile Discord robot that is very useful for server owners. You can get all the tools you need to easily and effortlessly manage and moderate large conflict servers.

This bot is very different from other robots because it can take advantage of this type of bot, the configuration panel accessible. Using this control panel, you can easily access information quickly and even check server status, configure automatic moderation, and manage moderation queues.

So, here is the list of Best Bots for Discord. These are Bots come handy when you want to maintain and develop a proper server. Hope this helps for all gamers out there