A picture speaks a thousand words. We all know this. Pictures are the best way to capture beautiful moments with our family and friends. But sometimes a single photo is not enough to create a good memory. So here is where the need of combining the photos came to play.

We can combine multiple photos in a single photo. This is called collaging photos. You can do it on any android phone. There are many apps available that allow you to make such beautiful collages Many latest smartphones come with an in-built app that allows you to make collages without external applications. But if your phone doesn’t have any such applications you can download it from play store.

How to create a photo collage:

Step 1:
The first step in combining multiple photos is to download an application to create collages. There are several on the market for Android. Although many are free, there are also some applications that you must pay. They include Pic Collage, Picsart, Photo Grid, and Moldiv and you can find more alternatives in your app store.

Step 2:
After downloading a collage application, open it on your phone. Most apps offer different templates for your collage. Choose the design and number of photos for your masterpiece.

Step 3:
Choose photos for your collage. The application must access the camera roll in order to import photos to the app and collage. You can also take pictures from the app. Normally, you have to select the photo of each part of the collage, even if some applications allow you to choose all the photos at the same time.

Step 4:
Once your collage is created, you can add a frame or other effects to the application. Then press the Save button. He is now ready to be shared on social networks or with friends.

This is how you can create a photo collage with your android. It is that simple. These applications allow you to explore your creativity to new heights. You can add many more effects, adjust the lightings and shadows, retouch you face and beautify your face